Women Beyond The Table

Building a women's business network took hold as I transitioned my business.

I envisioned a women's networking group as an organized community bringing together women from various professional backgrounds to foster connections, share knowledge, and support each other's growth.
It would be a space that provides a platform for women to network, collaborate without competition or judgment, and engage in professional and personal development.
I envisioned a sisterhood and community of belonging.

Women Beyond The Table is the expression of that vision.

Beyond The Table Podcast

Why are podcasts so popular?

Podcasts represent an opportunity to connect on a personal level.

Here, your voice connects to an audience that is empowered to choose when and where they want to listen.

The best part is that listeners can choose to tune in anytime. Have you ever wondered, "How could a podcast deliver my message and connect my story to more people?"

"How do I start a podcast or become a guest on one?"

I had the same questions, too.

Brand Messaging Consultant

Brand Messaging is not just about how you look visually and your online presence but how you position and communicate value and meaning to your audience.
It requires digging deep to gain clarity and understanding of your purpose, your why, your meaning, and your attributes.

YOU ARE THE BRAND. Let me help you offer your customer a more straightforward path to you.

Do you often feel that there is a story bubbling inside of you? Do you sense that your mission, core values, and vision could have a tangible impact on others, yet the words don't come out coherently and don't resonate with others as they do in your head?

Connecting deeply and being a part of a supportive community is something that I understand entirely, and it’s why I know that:

I am a Connector

Connecting is natural for me, like breathing. Yet, I know it is not the same for everyone; is that how you feel? Do you long for more connections – in business, with family and friends, and perhaps, the most valuable of all, a deeper connection with yourself?

At an early age, I discovered I could talk with anyone and find easy, common ground to build relationships. Friends would joke that I could converse with a stranger over lettuce in the supermarket’s produce section and make a new friend!

Over time, as I met so many people, I became hungry for the connections that I found with ease; I discovered I truly enjoyed crafting similar opportunities for others, connecting people who I thought would get along, be synergistic, or represent business opportunities, whether as provider/customer or as resources to each other.

Do you want to expand your ability to connect with others sincerely? On these pages are four ways I can support you through that invaluable process, delivering golden opportunities for greater business success, happiness in your life, and continued personal growth.

Embrace the role of a connector! Learn how on these pages.

would you like to be a connector?

Here are three ways to get going


Brand Consultant

The person with the best storytelling and messaging skills.

With the ability to share and convey a vision, will convert.

More here.


Women’s Business Network

A platform for women to network, collaborate without competition, and engage in professional and personal development. Find out how.



How could a podcast deliver my message to more people? How do

I start a podcast, or become a guest on one?

Here are answers.

Impact of Connecting with Me

As a connector, I have an affinity for communicating and being a buzz generator. People trust the information I provide and often ask me to be a sounding board for their ideas.

News & Events

The-BookFest-Book-Award - Text Messages to my sons

Text Messages to My Sons Connecting Deeply In a World of Devices

The power of love, inspiration, gratitude, learning, and connection is vital and not something to take lightly. It took me a while to realize this because, being human, we tend to get caught up in the day-to-day and have an overly distracting external environment that can shatter inner peace.

To understand the power of messages of love and deep connection, check out Text Messages To My Sons: Connecting Deeply in a World of Devices.


nice things people say

Tammy is one of the few individuals that truly is a powerful connector.

Her vast network of professionals, who are genuinely following her, enables Tammy to weave in people and business like no other.

She personally enabled the successful launch of my agency Atlantic Brands by identifying key accelerators who are aligned with my goals.

In the world of networking and community fluff, Tammy Cohen is the real thing.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to meet Tammy and work with her for many years.
Tammy is not just a wonderful human being, but also a very successful leader in her space. She is a strong and very influential entrepreneur who believes in the possibilities to create a better world and make an impact on society.
Thanks to her innate curiosity, drive and inspiring passion for learning, she always looks for opportunities to develop herself, solve problems and create value in what she does. Combining these strengths with her ability to get things done, I consider Tammy a high performer and a very successful individual.

Tammy Cohen is a remarkable individual who has been nothing short of inspiring.

She has a unique ability to see connections where others might not – identifying opportunities to bring people together, create synergy and foster collaboration.

She possesses a keen eye for recognizing the hidden potential in individuals and projects, making her an invaluable problem solver. Tammy’s ability to see the bigger picture, to understand the intricate web of relationships and possibilities, is amazing!