Beyond the Table Podcast

Friends often told me I should host a podcast because I love to talk and connect. I was intrigued by the idea yet needed to figure out how to proceed. Like creating a women’s business network, starting a podcast was a series of steps with some great advice.

The Beyond the Table Podcast features female guests who have overcome challenges, followed their dreams, and are determined to thrive. They shape their reality, envision their future, and make choices.

They are not afraid to fail.

Our guests are women who are doers; they share so much wisdom and experience that the listener comes away inspired. They bring a style of authenticity that is invaluable. We genuinely take it beyond the table with new episodes twice monthly. It’s a beautiful opportunity to connect with your natural audience while showcasing your expertise and the value you might deliver to those listeners.

Here is your chance to be a guest on the Podcast; connect with the listeners who need to hear your message or story and learn more about yourself.

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To Connect With An Audience and Be A Podcast Guest

I am honored to write this testimonial for Tammy Cohen, who is an exceptional connector. Tammy possesses a unique talent for bringing people together and I have experienced this firsthand as a member of the Woman Beyond the Table. Her ability to connect individuals from diverse backgrounds, industries, and walks of life is nothing short of remarkable.

Whether it’s in a professional or social setting, Tammy has an innate ability to foster connections that lead to collaboration, growth, and mutual success. She is always quick to introduce like-minded individuals, share valuable insights, and provide support whenever needed. Her generosity knows no bounds!

Anniston Riekstins
Anniston Riekstins