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Beyond a Network: A Community Dedicated to Accelerating Professional Success & Personal Growth

Angels Landing Group shot - Woman beyond the tableFrom a vision of strong women sitting around King Arthur’s Round Table, I founded Women Beyond the Table, “A Business Network with a Soul.” The first call took place in January 2021, and since then, the group has been meeting monthly on Zoom.

I took the step to make it happen, and a path opened where I continued to walk each month with more women alongside me. It is amazing what happens when you commit to an idea! The universe brings talented, skilled, and kind people to help you on the journey.

Do you want to take that step, too?

At Women Beyond the Table, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of diversity. Our members boast a wide range of expertise, providing endless opportunities for sharing and personal or professional growth.

If you would like to connect, join a call, or become a member, please visit the site here: womenbeyondthetable.com or connect with me here.

Avra Lunch - WBTT

Here are just some of the benefits of connecting to an inspiring and empowered community.

  • Exclusive Membership Access to Our Revamped Website: Dive into a treasure trove of knowledge with curated learning materials and resources.
  • The Beyond the Table Podcast: Don’t just listen; be a part of it! You can enjoy opportunities to be a guest and share your story.
  • Monthly Expert Talks: Interact with experts from the realms of Business, Health, and Wellness. Even better, showcase your expertise by being a speaker
  • Engaging Breakout Sessions: Foster deep connections, engage in stimulating conversations, and share your thoughts in our smaller group discussions.
  • WBTT Member’s Blog: Elevate your voice. Write, share, and shine. Contribute articles and let the world see your unique perspective.
  •  WBTT Social Media Spotlight: Get noticed. We love to highlight our member’s achievements, stories, and milestones on our social media channels.
  • In-Person Events: Beyond virtual, connect face-to-face. Share, bond, laugh, and grow with your WBTT sisters.
  • WBTT WhatsApp Chat: Real-time connections, inspirations, and updates. It’s where the pulse of our community can be felt the strongest.
  • The Upcoming Beyond the Table Newsletter: Share your insights, stories, or tips. Another platform for you to shine and contribute.

Become a member in a network that values you! Check out a monthly call and experience one of the many benefits of membership.

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What I love about Tammy’s journey as an entrepreneur, consultant, and visionary is that she is truly a universal connector. To me, that speaks volumes about her as a visionary and leader.

Her initiatives and forward vision to see what not only herself but other women in business needed led her to create the powerful and unique networking organization, ‘Women Beyond the Table’.
It reflects her knack for recognizing the deeper human need to connect and belong. As a business leader, I’ve been inspired by her ability to anticipate challenges, strategize solutions, and, most importantly, bring her vision to life through fun and love. Tammy’s commitment to creating and strengthening connections is what sets her apart; it’s also why I have the privilege of calling her my friend.

Meg King
Founder Meg King Coaching & Consulting,

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