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One of the things I have noticed is that the person with the best storytelling and messaging skills, the ability to share and convey a vision, will convert. As a connector, I have an affinity for communicating and being a buzz generator. People trust the information I provide and often ask me to be a sounding board for their ideas.

Over the past few years, I have realized that I have changed and grown, as has my brand. I was focusing my messaging services in the profession I love and nurtured for years, the gem and jewelry space.

However, my skill set had a broader appeal as I was helping women business owners to advance their brand messaging across industries. My brand messaging consulting can help promote your brand’s messaging, too.

Brand messaging means strategically communicating and positioning your brand’s value, voice, and critical messages to a desired audience. It’s crucial that a consistent and compelling brand image resonates with your audience and differentiates you as the provider they seek. It’s what tells your audience who you are, your mission, core values, and vision. Most importantly, it communicates why they want to do business with you, the positive impact you’ll create for them.

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I have worked with Tammy for years on several projects with a few organizations. Tammy always demonstrated a tireless devotion to creating the right recommendations while providing exemplary service. Her directions are clear and concise, ensuring not only did I have exactly what was needed, but also had the knowledge to appropriately implement it. I would highly recommend Tammy for any project with any organization. Your entire experience will be fast, easy, and done right!

Dimick James
James Dimick
President & Chief Executive Officer, CXO Krainz Creations

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I have a very positive working relationship with Tammy Cohen.

In our numerous interactions with a global jewelry brand, She first of all familiarized herself with each company division to develop deeper insight into how all parts contributed to the whole.

A problem we were laboring with involved disparate product messages being delivered to the consumer at the retail level. She partnered with my efforts and created a company-wide cohesive, accurate product message.
It didn’t take long for consumer loyalty and trust to surge as a result of Ms. Cohen’s focused efforts–leading to soaring revenues for the brand.

Diana Jarrett
Gem and Jewelry Trade Journalist, GG RMV,