Text Messages to My Sons

fan of books - Text messages to my sons - Tammy CohenAt the start of 2020, I began to immerse myself in a learning journey incorporating good health, spiritual and emotional intelligence, and personal growth. I needed to share this with my three sons, who are everything to me.

One motivating factor was the wild statistic that in 2017, people were on their phones 70% of the time, and by 2021, it was continuous.

While my kids were growing up, I texted my sons mostly with nagging reminders, questions, commands, and sometimes, even reprimands. They would text me what they needed or wanted me to do for them. That was our communication.  I do not consider phones and devices evil; what you do with them makes the difference.  

So, at the beginning of 2021, I started text messaging each of my sons daily with messages of love, inspiration, observation, and gratitude. I shared what I was learning, including advice and quotes from renowned mentors, creators, and thinkers. What was fantastic was that my sons read the texts and responded with love and acknowledgment back to me.

As I shared with friends what I was doing with my sons, their response was remarkably consistent: “THIS IS AMAZING, YOU HAVE TO PUT THIS IN A BOOK, WHAT A GIFT!” And so, I did ! “Text Messages to My Sons” is available on Amazon. It’s there as a gentle guide to expand the depth of your loving relationships with family and friends.

Text Messages To My Sons
Tammy Cohen and her sons with phones
Tammy Cohen and her sons on the couch talking

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Tammy has an extraordinary gift for bringing people together, a “Master Connector.” Whether it’s through networking events or simply introducing like-minded individuals, she creates bridges that lead to lasting connections. She fosters meaningful relationships to help women flourish both personally and professionally. Tammy is a great human. Her warmth and sincerity are unmatched, and wherever she is, it feels like home. She’s someone you want in your corner and someone who will enhance your life in so many ways. I feel grateful to have been introduced to Tammy, join her networking community and be able to bask in her glorious, magical glow.

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Text Messages to My Sons
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