Text Messages to My Sons

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I realized my life’s mission with the publication of Text Messages To My Sons: Connecting Deeply In A World of Devices. In my opinion, the book is a much-needed guide and tool for parents and anyone struggling to connect deeply with their kids or any loved one in today’s world.

When I started this journey a few years ago, my heartfelt mission was to write a very different type of message to my sons and let them know how much I love them and how extraordinary they are. I wanted to inspire them and share gratitude, accountability, and knowledge. I wanted to change the paradigm of the past and connect to them on a deeper level with zero expectations in return.

Text Messages To My Sons: Connecting Deeply in a World of Devices is the culmination of the messages I sent to my sons over time. The book contains hundreds of messages divided into ten chapters. Each Chapter contains messages aligned with the Chapter’s title.

Today, we have to reach our loved ones where they are. Electronic devices are neither good nor evil; it is the content of the message shared that makes all the difference. Love and gratitude are amongst the highest frequency energies. The more light we spread, the better chance we have of fostering a connection that will win against the big tech algorithms that spread hate, indoctrination, propaganda, and violence. It is up to us to take on the challenge and start by messaging love and light daily.

The mission has turned into a movement to message daily. Check out the hundreds of messages in Text Messages To My Sons, tweak them, and make them your own. It is that simple and easy. You will find over time that your heart will take over, and the messages to your children and loved ones will flow. The best part is the amazing feeling you will have once you hit send, and the recipient feels that same energy. Using tech is how we will change the conversation.

Text Messages To My Sons
Tammy Cohen and her sons with phones
Tammy Cohen and her sons on the couch talking

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Tammy has an extraordinary gift for bringing people together, a “Master Connector.” Whether it’s through networking events or simply introducing like-minded individuals, she creates bridges that lead to lasting connections. She fosters meaningful relationships to help women flourish both personally and professionally. Tammy is a great human. Her warmth and sincerity are unmatched, and wherever she is, it feels like home. She’s someone you want in your corner and someone who will enhance your life in so many ways. I feel grateful to have been introduced to Tammy, join her networking community and be able to bask in her glorious, magical glow.

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Text Messages to My Sons
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