Bridging Hearts Through Text Messages with Our Children

I recently taped an interview with Logan Crawford of Spotlight TV.  His team reached out to me because apparently Logan Crawford was captivated by my story and he wanted me to be a guest on his show and talk about  Text Messages to My Sons.

Logan Crawford is an Emmy Award-winning actor, host, broadcaster, news anchor and voiceover artist. He has worked with the A-listers in the industry such as Adam McKay, Barry Levinson, David Fincher, Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, and Martin Scorsese. He has broadcasting experience during his time with FOX5 Atlanta, CNN, CBS, WPRI, PBS, WLNY, News 12, and had his reportage honored by the Associated Press, the RTNDA, and the Long Island Press Club.

About Spotlight 
He is currently working with The Spotlight Network to showcase talents from different fields through his show, “Spotlight TV”. The show allows emerging creatives – authors, inventors, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, writers and many more – to tap into this exciting milieu. Logan’s show is also strategically positioned to stream globally across different platforms such as through the Roku Channel, The Spotlight Network website, Youtube, Vimeo, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook, among others.

Logan Crawford:

What makes this book unique is its approach to fostering meaningful relationships through contemporary means of communication. By embracing texting, Tammy seeks to establish a connection with her children in a language they understand and engage with. This book stands out by emphasizing the power of simple, direct messages to express love and strengthen bonds in an increasingly disconnected world.


The good points of this book lie in its emphasis on the potential of technology to enhance relationships. It encourages readers to explore alternative ways of connecting with their loved ones, not just in the context of parent-child relationships but also with siblings, extended family, and spouses. Tammy’s personal experiences and the positive responses of those who have adopted this approach provide a compelling case for the effectiveness of using text messages as a tool for meaningful communication.

Picture of Tammy J Cohen

Tammy J Cohen

Tammy Cohen has been partnering with top-tier corporate executives and entrepreneurs to develop their personal and professional brands for more than 20 years.

Today, she has expanded her reach by adding, founder of the Women Beyond the Table business network , co-host of the Beyond the Table Podcast and author of Text Messages to My Sons to her personal brand.

Tammy resides in Manhattan with her husband and 3 wonderful sons who are the inspiration behind the book.