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A beautiful book from a loving, proud and inner growth focused mom to her adult sons. So glad I got a copy for me in addition to my giftees.

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Q: “Text Messages to My Sons,” uses a unique approach to connect with children in today’s digital age. What inspired you to use texting as a means of communication to build stronger relationships with your sons?

I had been texting my sons for a while and noticed that most messages were commands, reprimands, or reminders. Over the Pandemic, I realized that I was unhappy and dealing with many limiting beliefs. I wanted to change the paradigm and immerse myself in mindset and personal development programs, workshops, and platforms. I began reading books and working with coaches to change my attitude and elevate my thoughts. Personal growth and development became essential to me, and I wanted to share what I was learning and who I was becoming with my sons. I wanted to share inspiration, gratitude, and positivity and let them know how much I love them. I decided to text them in a completely different tone and way because, let’s face it, you have to bring communication to where the receiver is. Today, people are continually on their phones and devices; they are not having in-person conversations, and messaging works best and is effective.

Q: How has the use of text messages transformed your relationship with your sons, and have you noticed any significant changes in your family dynamics since implementing this method of communication?

It has changed the way we relate for sure. I am very consistent; I send a message daily; it is not a here-and- there practice. Consistency works. My sons realized I was serious about growing and connecting to them differently. They saw me as someone who could own up to mistakes and share with them. My sons respond when I message them, either with love or a “great message,” which means everything. When you communicate with anyone, love, positivity, gratitude, respect, inspiration, and sharing knowledge has an effect. The proof is in the pudding because when I gathered the messages and put them into a book, my sons collaborated and wrote the forward to Text Messages To My Sons: Connecting Deeply In A World of Devices. What I was doing mattered to my sons; receiving these messages meant something to them, and they wanted to support it.

Q: In a world heavily reliant on technology, why do you think it’s essential for parents and children to explore innovative ways to connect beyond face-to-face conversations?

You have to reach your kids where they are at. It is unrealistic to think, “Well, I did not grow up with the internet or a cell phone; I had face-to-face communication. Kids are not sitting down to have an in- person conversation. You can go anywhere with people of all ages, and they are sitting together with their phones out. Devices are neither good nor evil; the content makes the difference. In today’s world, our children live in tech, and you have the choice to counter indoctrination, hatred, violence, propaganda, and lies by doing the opposite and sending love and light. I call it inoculating your kids to hatred, doing it in a way that they are comfortable with, and impacting your relationship with them very positively and organically.

DE MODE Magazine - Text messages to my sons - Tammy J Cohen

Q: What advice would you give to parents seeking to improve communication with their children in this digital era, especially for those who may feel disconnected or struggle to engage?

It depends on the age of the child or person you want to message, and it is never too late to reach out and change the dynamic. We must reach them at their level and work with how they communicate. You must reach out to your kids without expecting anything back. Just let them know how much you love them and how worthy they are. Be human and share with them; I am not suggesting being best friends with your kids but being honest with them. Just take a few minutes daily to send one message of light, love, and gratitude, and keep it simple.

Q: Beyond your professional endeavors, what motivated you to open Eighteen Restaurant on the Upper Eastside, and how does it align with your broader aspirations?

My husband and I had been investors in a luxury Kosher restaurant hospitality group. We were not hands-on but developed an understanding of restaurant operations and how things worked. An opportunity came when a friend of my husband’s suggested opening a restaurant in Manhattan. Now, investing in and operating a restaurant day to day are two different things. My husband manages the Restaurant full time; it has been over 13 1⁄2 years since Eighteen Restaurant opened. It is no easy feat being open in Manhattan for this many years, as well as the challenges faced during the Pandemic, but here we are. Eighteen aligns with our aspirations as it is a warm and welcoming environment where people enjoy delicious food and connect. People feel at home when they come to Eighteen.

Q: As an author, entrepreneur, and connector, what upcoming projects or initiatives are you working on that align with your mission of fostering deeper connections, particularly among women?

I am constantly setting goals, working on projects, and trying to take the next step. I am currently recording Season 2 of the Beyond the Table Podcast, getting ready to release a Beyond the Table Newsletter in 2024, and planning in-person events for the Women Beyond the Table Network. My main focus is marketing and promoting Text Messages To My Sons: Connecting Deeply In A World of Devices. This book is timeless. It is vital to reach our kids, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and communities – whoever you want to connect positively with and spread love; to bring light because it is the best way to fight hate and to connect more deeply.

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Picture of Tammy J Cohen

Tammy J Cohen

Tammy Cohen has been partnering with top-tier corporate executives and entrepreneurs to develop their personal and professional brands for more than 20 years.

Today, she has expanded her reach by adding, founder of the Women Beyond the Table business network , co-host of the Beyond the Table Podcast and author of Text Messages to My Sons to her personal brand.

Tammy resides in Manhattan with her husband and 3 wonderful sons who are the inspiration behind the book.