Zadeh NY Event 11/07

Tammy Cohen author of Text Messages to My sons, and Catherine Zadeh, founder of the jewelry brand Zadeh NY celebrated firsts on November 7th.

  1. We celebrated the launch of the first Zadeh brick and mortar location at 1244 Madison Avenue.
  2. We celebrated the publishing of Text Messages to My Sons: Connecting Deeply In A World of Devices
  3. We joined forces to raise money for Israel.

The original planning of the event started in September but after the events of October 7th and the ensuing massacre and horror inflicted on the country of Israel, we decided to make the event a fundraiser. 

50% of the sales of Text Messages to My Sons were donated.

fan of books - Text messages to my sons - Tammy Cohen

100% of the proceed from the sale of 2 bracelets.

It was an evening of love, connection and wine.

The event was well attended by the jewelry industry, friends, family and Zadeh clients  as we gathered in unity, we spoke about what matters and what we need to do. 

Book selling was strong and every book was signed with a special message for each purchaser.  Guests even arrived with their copies to be signed.  Bracelet sales were brisk; the bracelets are very stylish and make a statement too.

At the end of the day,  we all agreed that messaging  LOVE , encouragement, support, positivity, inspiration and knowledge continuously to our kids, family, friends and community is the way to bring more light into our world . 

Imagine the different world we would live in if those who are raised in hate, propaganda, indoctrination and incitement received completely different messages from their family, friends and community?

Picture of Tammy J Cohen

Tammy J Cohen

Tammy Cohen has been partnering with top-tier corporate executives and entrepreneurs to develop their personal and professional brands for more than 20 years.

Today, she has expanded her reach by adding, founder of the Women Beyond the Table business network , co-host of the Beyond the Table Podcast and author of Text Messages to My Sons to her personal brand.

Tammy resides in Manhattan with her husband and 3 wonderful sons who are the inspiration behind the book.